Sweepa! Daily Life Improvement Edition

Sweepa! Daily Life Improvement Edition

Sweepa! Seikatsu-Kaizen hen



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Kaoru Yumeno is a very popular writer who draws exquisite, delicate romances starring beautiful maid protagonists. But in real life, Kaoru couldn't be any further from the truth - she's absolutely incapable of cleaning up! One day, she thinks she's getting her new robotic vacuum cleaner, but instead she gets... a cute robotic vacuum cleaner... girl?

Volume 1

  • July 17. 2020

    CHAPTER 1 A New Family Member Has Been Delivered

  • July 24. 2020

    CHAPTER 2 I Will Not Do Anything Unrelated to Work

  • July 31. 2020

    CHAPTER 3 I'm Transforming Too!?

  • August 7. 2020

    CHAPTER 4 The Secret Room

  • August 14. 2020

    CHAPTER 5 The Bedroom Restoration Project

  • August 21. 2020

    CHAPTER 6 I Can Change OutFits Too!

  • August 28. 2020

    CHAPTER 7 Friend? Rival? Coworker?

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