A Restaurant of Bliss

A Restaurant of Bliss

Shiawase Restaurant

Yasuhiro Nakanishi


Amimaru Translation and Localization Services Ltd


Restaurant Dollhouse is a quaint little hideaway that prides itself on making its customers happy, no matter how big their problems may be. That's how young widow Yuko runs her business, but if her stepson Kousuke had his way, he'll turn this humble canteen into the pinnacle of authentic French haute cuisine his father would have dreamed of!

Volume 1

  • December 22. 2020

    Chapter Tofu <Part 1>

  • December 22. 2020

    Chapter Tofu <Part 2>

  • December 29. 2020

    Chapter Oyster

  • December 29. 2020

    Chapter Fried Rice Omelette

  • December 29. 2020

    Chapter Vegetables

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